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Direct Primary Care with

Coastal Medical Care

Join our membership medicine program and experience personalized and evidence-based primary and specialty care services. Our patient volumes are intentionally low so we can devote more time to guiding you towards optimal health and wellness.

Urgent Care with

Coastal Medical Care

Concierge Urgent Care for All Ages: We offer sick visits, minor procedures such as sutures and glue, sports physicals, and more to patients six months and older.

IV Therapy with

Coastal Medical Care

Experience the benefits of our IV Therapy infusions; from energy to immunity, skin brightening to performance enhancement, and hydration – we've got you covered.

Weight Loss with

Coastal Medical Care

Our weight loss medications, Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, are made in a compounding pharmacy that is registered with the FDA. We use only the best ingredients to ensure you get the best result. These injections are gradually absorbed by your body over a week, helping to reduce your appetite and cravings.

See what patients are saying about

Coastal Medical Care

Jennifer M.
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Jerica was very professional and gentle. An amazing service that I will definitely use again!
Tracy D.
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When a stomach bug and ear infections happened on a Friday afternoon, Jarica was immediately available to help! Thanks to this service my boys did not have to wait a couple of days for an appointment. So grateful for this type of service with a toddler and teenager!!
Michala P.
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Coastal medical was prompt to respond, very professional, and throughly addressed my health concern! Thank you!
Natalie A.
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Quick and simple access to excellent care! Very responsive and highly knowledgeable! Would recommend them to all of my family and friend!
Emily T.
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Jarica lives in my neighborhood and when my son cut his head really bad we went straight there. She was able to patch him up within 30 minutes. She was so gentle and kind my 3 year old wasn’t even crying! Glad we didn’t have to go to the hospital and wait. So convenient
Cat H.
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Robyn is amazing I pulled a muscle in my neck and was in so much pain I could not even drive drive. She came to my rescue. I can truly see how much Robyn cares for her patients. Thanks 🙂
Jason C.
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I'm so grateful for this Jarica and this awesome company. I was able to get personal care, and a prescription without all the fuss I normally deal with at my primary care. It's like door-dash for my healthcare! ...and their pricing is even better! Thank you so much!
Amber S.
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Jarica was absolutely amazing! My son was sick and she was able to come quickly and examine him and give us wonderful care. It was so nice being able to have someone come to us instead of having to go sit in a waiting room. She was excellent with my small son and very patient 10/10 would recommend!